Friday, May 12, 2017

School sma country 1 sabang is sma beautiful and nice, Many good teachers and students and there are also cruel teachers who like to be angry.The school has a large courtyard and has facilities of soccer field, basketball court, badminton, and there is also a multipurpose building.
The school has a diligent and intelligent student. And his ordinary every competition no matter what school still brings the champion of the competition. The school also has strict rules.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Translate into good indonesian

  • On behalf of the company, I was sorry to hear the death of Mr. Bambang. Although I knew he was ill, I was shocked to hear that.
Terjemahan :
Atas nama perusahaan, saya menyesal mendengar kematian Bapak Bambang. Meskipun saya mengetahui bahwa Bapak Bambang sakit, saya tetap terkejut mendengar itu.

  • Mr. Bambang and I worked together at the same department at Prudential Life Insurance in Thamrin, Jakarta. I personally will never forget his immense capacity for helping other people.

Terjemahan :
Pak Bambang dan saya sama-sama bekerja di departemen yang sama di Prudential Life Insurance di Thamrin, Jakarta. Saya pribadi tidak akan pernah lupa jiwa besarnya untuk membantu orang lain.

A Letter Of Sympathy

Jl. Ulhele blang oi
Banda Aceh

Mr. Firmansyah
Jl. jambotape
Banda Aceh

Dear Sir,

I was very sorry to learn when i called at your office yesterday that you had been in a car accident on your way home from office, but equally relived to learn that you are now making good progress and Likely to be back at work again in a view week's time.

I expect to see you again next month to continue our business. Again, i hope you will get better soon and hope we can make good progress in the future.

Your sincerely,


Tugas Exercises hal 85 No. 1

Jl. K. H. Ahmad Dahlan No.09
Banda Aceh

Mr. Rondang Hutabarat
Managing director
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. 8-9
Kuningan Jakarta

Dear Sir,
we wanted to tell you personally that we during the last twelve months we have a good relationship. we felt that we had to write to tell you how pleased we are to accept and say thank you for your cooperation.
we hope to continue the cooperation is good,
we will try to do our best.

Sincerely yours


Jl. Mohidin No. 31
Jakarta Utara

04 March 2017

Dear Mrs.

Novita Lubis 
General Office Supplies
Graha Mampang Lt 4 Jl. Mampang Prapan Raya No 100
Jakarta Selatan 12760

Our company need to order a new typewriter, and imported from America, and if we are of the firm if purchased in large quantities if we get a discount price.
our company also would like to see the brochure to see color variants and how the delivery of goods.

we are looking forward to hearing from you very soon.
thank you for the very good cooperation.

Yours sincerely


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

cara membuat surat Complain

To :
Ms. Yanita
Owner Tas Korea Shop

Dear Ms. Yanita

This latter is to notify you about a problem I am having with a bag that I Bought at your Online Shop on Januari 21. I am Dissatisfied with your product because I discovered there is scratch on it. I have attached a photocopy of my receipt as proof of purchase.

The condition Of the item was your responsibility up to the poin I received it and accordingly I am entitled to a refund along with a refund of all delivery cost. I would request that you confirm in the next 3 days that you will provide this remedy and that you will cover the cost of the defective item being returned to you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Faithfully